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This is my self-hosted git server. It still has a lot of features missing, I am slowly implementing them, the goal is to create a template project that others can clone and customize, it is a library that you can import in your go project. Take a look at gwi.


External projects

Repositories hosted here


Changes can be proposed using the git mail workflow. Take a look at git book, and guide if you need. Suggestions, discussions and code changes are welcome.

Email should be sent to x/REPO AT blmayer DOT dev, change REPO to the repository name you want. The subject field must be of the form [TYPE] DESCRIPTION, type being one of: RFC, BUG or PATCH. Those are self explanatory, and description is a short phase summarising your thread.

If you want to make a donation use the link: ko-fi.com/blmayer, any amount helps a lot. Thank you!