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Currently I am adventuring into the front-end world, learning HTML, CSS and Javascript, on the road some projects came along and some are previous to that time. I must warn you that they are in general useless, or dumb, but some I think are useful. If interested make yourself out on the content folder.

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Golang      [||||||||||||||       66%]
C           [|||||||||||          52%]
R           [||||||||||           50%]
JavaScript  [||||||||             35%]
MongoDB     [||||||||             38%]
AWS Lambda  [|||||||||||||||||    79%]
Shell/Linux [|||||||||||||||      74%]
Mathematica [|||||||||||          55%]
GCP         [|||||||||            42%]
MySQL       [|||||||||||          52%]
Flutter     [|||||||              30%]
Battery:  100%
Uptime:   29 years

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licentiate degree

@@ -2010-01-01 +2014-01-01 @@
Licentiate degree in Mathematics by Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.


@@ title @@ Integrando Alguns Conteúdos do Ensino Médio com Equações Diferença

bachelor degree

Bachelor degree in Mathematics by Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.


@@ title @@ Equações de Diferenças aplicadas em Séries e em outras áreas do conhecimento

master of science

@@ -2015-06-01 +2016-06-01 @@
MsC in Electrical engineering and computing by Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.

Supervisor: Dr. Luiz Henrique Alves Monteiro.


@@ title @@ Sincronismo entre Redes Neurais Complexas: Um Modelo de Sistema Visual de Mamíferos

@@ journal @@ Proceeding Series of the Brazilian Society of Computational and Applied Mathematics

@@ DOI @@ DOI


@@ title @@ On Synchronizing Coupled Retinogeniculocortical Pathways: A Toy Model

@@ journal @@ Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience

@@ DOI @@ DOI

wolfram summer school

@@ project @@ UNICODE OCR with Neural Networks

neural networks lecture

@@ -2016-11-06 +2016-11-06 @@
Gave a lecture about the new, at the time, Wolfram Mathematica neural networks framework features, during the Brazilian Wolfram Conference at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.

neural networks workshop

@@ -2016-11-20 +2016-11-20 @@
Ministered a workshop about the Wolfram Mathematica neural networks framework features and applications, during the Semana da Computação Natural given by the Natural Computing Laboratory at Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.

master's thesis

@@ title @@ Redes de Newman-Watts Acopladas Como Modelo de Sistema Visual de Mamíferos


@@ -2017-02-01 +2019-02-01 @@
Looqbox is a business intelligence startup situated in São Paulo, Brazil. I worked there for 2 years, mostly as data scientist, and back-end developer. I developed skills in R, Python, Docker and Java, during the data scientist period I stayed very close to many clients, acting like project manager for some cases.

Some projects worth mentioning are:

Developer docker image ++++
Built a docker image with RStudio and all configs/assets needed for devs, the intention was to provide a uniform and complete environment for developers.
ODBC Support +++++++++
This project installed drivers and made all integrations on the platform so the clients could use ODBC databases seamlesly.


@@ -2019-03-01 +2020-10-01 @@
Poupachef is a startup that connects food distributors to restaurants, bakeries and bars I co-founded. During the two years of work I developed the whole cloud infrastructure, micro-services, android app, intranet and data routines.

Micro-services where written in Golang and deployed as lambda functions using cloud formation, and data routines in Python, using MySQL and MongoDB as data bases.

The cloud was a hibrid of AWS/GCP, with back-end services in AWS and data routine/MySQL on GCP. The Android app had its first version in Kotlin, then it was converted to React Native.


@@ -2019-06-01 +now @@
PhD in Electrical Engineering and computing by Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie.

mentor at HACKCOVID19

@@ -2020-05-06 +2020-05-22 @@
Tech mentoring during a hackaton about COVID19, check the official website devpost website.

medium post

@@ title @@ Running and debugging Go Lambda functions locally
@@ link @@ Medium post


@@ title @@ A Numerical Study on the Regularity of d-Primes via Informational Entropy and Visibility Algorithms

@@ journal @@ Complexity

@@ DOI @@ DOI


@@ -2020-10-01 +now @@
I'm currently working as a Golang back-end developer, developing the payment micro-service and working on projects like Hubspot and service invoices integrations.

medium post

@@ title @@ The Gemini web: a brief intro
@@ link @@ Medium post