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homemade recipes

Homemade Recipes or Feita em casa is a project I started for two reasons: for study and to try to help with the COVID-19 quarantine. The study part allowed me to practice my coding skills in Golang, Flutter and web and try new technologies like Cloud build, templates and server side rendering. The idea is to help people use the ingredients they have at home, thus not leaving home, and being more efficient at home. Also, searching recipes by ingredients instead of name is quite the opposite way of doing it, which I think is amusing. This way people can cook more without leaving home to buy food.

The project turned out be an app, distributed for Android and iOS on the respective app stores. I developed a web version too, and can be accessed on the link below.

Web version

The apps are currently available on 11 countries, those with portuguese or english languages. Recipes are different depending on the language you choose. On the web version you can access anywhere, and can choose the language by clicking on the flag in the top right corner. I plan to add more languages in the future. Below you find the links to the apps.

Get it on Google Play

Get it on App Store