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Hello World!

Welcome to my portfolio website. Thank you for taking your time.

Here you'll find my projects and my CV, I will try to update it once in a while. This website is somewhat strange but very convenient to work with due to a shell script that builds it. I wrote about it in the meta page.

This website is also available at gemini.


I'm a software developer, I love creating minimalist and efficient software. I like to contribute to open source projects, I'm available to work if want to hire me. You can check my CV in the whoami page.

You can find me in these places:

@@ blog @@ blog page

@@ email @@

@@ github @@

@@ tilde town @@ ~brain

@@ buy me a coffee @@



A proud member of:

| 1MB Club |

| 512KB CLUB | Green Team |

| Open Source Initiative |

| Death-cult of fun |