blmayer@~ $ ls

content/ meta whoami

Hello World!

Welcome to my portfolio website. Thank you for taking your time.

Here you'll find my projects and my CV, I will try to update it once in a while. This website is somewhat strange but very convenient to work with due to a bash script that builds it. I wrote about it in the meta page.

I'm a back-end developer, I like programming in C, Golang and Python for my back-end stuff, shell script and Linux are my daily tools, it's a pleasure working in this environment. You can check my CV in the whoami page.

Currently I am adventuring into the front-end world, learning HTML, CSS and Javascript, on the road some projects came along and some are previous to that time. I must warn you that they are in general useless, or dumb, but some I think are useful. If interested make yourself out on the content folder.

This website is also available at gemini.


blmayer@~ $ tree -H "." static | tail -n +32 | head -n -14 | sed 's/.tpl//g'

├── 404.html
├── content
│   ├── asciichartr.html
│   ├── awslambdarpc.html
│   ├── choosing-a-linux-distro.html
│   ├── deep.html
│   ├── feitaemcasa.html
│   ├── gonuts.html
│   ├── gopip.html
│   ├── history.png
│   ├── prompt.png
│   ├── ps1.html
│   └── tasker.html
├── content.html
├── footer.gmi
├── footer.html
├── header.gmi
├── header.html
├── head.html
├── index.gmi
├── index.html
├── meta.gmi
├── meta.html
├── nav.gmi
├── robots.txt
├── sitemap.txt
├── whoami.gmi
└── whoami.html

blmayer@~ $ cat footer.html